Andrew Letailleur

Game Tinkerer

A brief profile,
or history I guess

About me

Hey. My name is Andrew,
and I'm a game developer...

Over a course of my studies, I have made interactive games and written essays that focused on the potential of narrative and gameplay. Especially on the field of Serious Games, which has a possitive potential in the fields of education, training and campaigning, in mixing message with immersion.

I also have functional experience with programming. Both in HTML and JavaScript, along with C# via Unity, and Blueprint design through the Unreal Engine.

If I'm not programming or working on some game idea, chances are I might be thinking of some story or project instead, as I also have a mild interest in writing and audio.


Also, I edit doodle stuff, for research reference.

A Brief History...

At an Early age...

Since childhood, I've had an on/off interest with thinking up on video-game mechanics. Ranging from combat systems to hypothetical gameplay, to the music and characters themselves.

My education truly kicked off, when I studied initially at Ayrshire College, and picked up when I continued my studies in the University of West Scotland and the Glasgow School of Art. Initially dabbing in many fields within the creative industry, before focusing on gaining the skills to help program and create playable serious games, for academic research or future development within the games industry.

Now I am...

A video-game tinkerer and amateur writer. Who works on various projects to learn more about programming and development, to thinking on features and subjects to develop, that could be useful within the wider community at large.

That, or writing various stories under a different handle. Specifically for National November Writing Month or so? Which might, be reflected on a Visual Novel take, if I give Ren'py a try.

Want something from me? Send me a message when my contact page works. That said, outside of writing or game development, I am also an avid gamer and board gamer, even if I'm more 'casual' on that end.

Side Stuff

Before I forget, here. Have a face shot of myself here.


Qualification's and Honour's

MSc Serious Games and Virtual Reality
B3 - Pass with Merit
Given by The Glasgow School of Art
September 2020 / 2021

BSC (Hons) Computer Games Development
First Class
Given by University West Scotland - Paisley Campus
August 2017 / 2020

HND Games Development
Given By Ayrshire College: Kilwinning Campus
August 2016 / 2017 June

NC Digital Media Computing
Given By Ayrshire College: Kilmarnock Campus
August 2013 / 2014 June

Intermediate 2 Creative Industries
Ayrshire College: Ayr Campus
August 2013